Sunshine Coast night walk - November 2023.

Sunshine Coast night walk - November 2023.

An old mate called in last night and convinced me to check out a couple of our local Sunshine Coast frog spots despite the fact that the weather hasn't been all that frog friendly of late. As it turned out I'm now getting pretty excited that there might be some decent rain on the way in the next few days. The frogs were very active, with a number of species calling and a little bit of amplexus action happening as well. The biggest indicator for me though was a couple of short bursts of Graceful tree frog chorus. In my experience these guys rarely call unless heavy rain is close or underway, so fingers crossed, they're spot on this time. Other than that, the highlight of the night was the appearance of a beautiful little Golden-crowned snake which slithered along the bank next to us as we were photographing a Stony creek frog. Unfortunately for Stevo his camera decided to pack it in at the same time, so he missed getting any decent shots of his first Crowned snake. Just means we have to go again mate, all good.

Golden crowned snake, one of my favorites and stunning animals. Unfortunately for them they often react by raising their forebody like this which some people may mistake for aggression and may even cost these inoffensive snakes their lives at the hands of a misguided and frightened individual. Fact is they rarely if ever attempt to bite and are actually attempting to make themselves look bigger to avoid predation. If any snake reacts in a defensive manner toward you, please give them a break and let them live, they have just as much right to life as we do. I photographed this little fella from centimetres away, he had ample opportunity to have a go at me but didn't. Unless you hassle them, they never do.

A couple of huge females and a smaller more colourful male Giant barred frog. I have lots of favorite critters but they're right up there. 

Highlighting the difference in webbing between the front and back feet of the species.

Female Stony creek frog posing beautifully.

Great barred frog, the more common barred frog in the area. Just as nice though.

A pair of Great barred frogs in amplexus. Looks like old mate didn't really want to be photographed in the act, he appears to be trying desperately to cover his face.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully enjoy our blog.

Mike Donovan.





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