My name is Mike Donovan. I’m a photographer specialising in reptiles and amphibians and focusing on the south east Queensland area, in particular the Sunshine Coast region where I have been based for the past 30 odd years. I have written and self published 3 books which are a photographic guide for any Sunshine Coast coast resident to enable easy identification and hopefully foster understanding of all of the snakes, lizards and frogs that they are likely to encounter in our region.

I was born in in the late 50’s and have been passionate about the natural world for as long as I can remember.

My father initiated and nurtured my passion from a very early age when he would take me bush walking and point out the huge variety of animals from the smallest ants to the kangaroos and echidnas that roamed the bush in and around southern Sydney back then.

The primary lesson was that everything was connected in some way and every single creature deserved our respect and understanding.

I remember fondly how we would find a good spot (we had a favourite rocky waterfall) and sit patiently waiting for the animals to forget that we were there and begin foraging and hunting again which allowed us to witness their natural behaviour.

Thanks dad, I really appreciate and cherish the memories.

My interest in reptiles in particular was sparked when at aged six the local milko intentionally ran over a large Eastern Brown Snake right outside our house.

My brother who was much older and I suspect didn’t think much of me at the time convinced me to pick it up by the tail and drag it into the front yard for closer inspection.

My mother, unaware of the drama came out the front door just as the snake reared its head and fore body in a last ditch effort to rid itself of its tormentors and screamed at me to drop it.”

She never did like snakes very much, but it was the beginning of an obsession for me. From that day on I have wanted to learn more about these magnificent creatures and spent countless hours especially as a young fella roaming the bush and always delighting in finding one of nature’s perfect creations especially a reptile or a frog.

That I suspect is something that will never change.

My main aim with this publication is to reach the average person whether they currently revel in, or barely even notice the existence of our natural world.

To offer up my accumulated knowledge and experience as proof that it really is worth taking the time to check out the small things and admire the breathtaking beauty that is all around us.

Realistically it’s probably not going to happen, but if I could reach a few of “the only good snake is a dead snake” people out there and possibly begin to alter their perception slightly, wow that would be special.

If my publication creates even a spark of interest or thoughts of respect in just one person, and that prevents the death of an animal through ignorance or fear then I will most definitely consider it a job well done.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site, I hope you enjoyed your stay and please keep up the good work enjoying, respecting and protecting our natural world, it certainly needs all the help it can get.

Mike Donovan.