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Reptiles In Focus

Frogs of the Sunshine Coast Region

Frogs of the Sunshine Coast Region

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A photographic guide to the Frogs of the Sunshine Coast Region

The printed book Frog of the Sunshine Coast Region,

It’s an identification book with an emphasis on the photography, showing as many different forms and colour variations as possible in large easy to see photos depicting the typical ID features where practical.
Frogs of the Sunshine Coast Region A Photographic Guide is A5 size 220x148mm and 144 pages with 165 full colour, half to full page photographs of every species of frog that you would be likely to encounter here on the coast and including a few extra-limital species. Information including descriptions, habitat, behaviour and conservation status for every species is included. I have designed simple keys in the form of a flow chart to enable easier and quicker identification.

Proudly produced by Reptiles In Focus and printed in Brisbane Australia by Paradigm Print Media.

$2.50 from every copy purchased will be donated to Australian Wildlife Conservancy which will aid in the preservation of important or ecologically significant tracts of land and all of the species of native wildlife located within their boundaries.

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